Monday, May 19, 2008

Old Time Relijon at Bug Jar

Yeah, so I had Old Time Relijon the band over for dinner on Sunday.  I knew Arriongton from my internship at K Records a few years ago, so I dropped them a line and they came over for dinner before their show.  I made collards and rice, guacamole, and chicken.  It was fun, they brought wine and talked about their tour of Europe and Jane Austin and George Forman and all sorts of fun stuff.  
We went over to the Bug Jar and played pool before the show.... The Greviances and Ian Downy Is Famous played first, both were rocking.  Old Time Relijon's set was so high energy and funky and danceable and indescribable.  I talked to the bar owner tonight, and he said he couldn't describe it, but "it was fucking awesome".  I must say I agree. I rarely dance at shows, and while I wasn't totally gettin' my freak on, I was moving.  They are great people and great musicians. 

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Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to have such Relijon over for dinner! THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Great Blog!