Friday, September 26, 2008

So, I haven't updated this in a while... What has been going on this summer?  Ratdog, Phil & Friends... I hung out with Derric Trucks at a vintage guitar store.  I went to see the Sadies, from Ontario, who were amazing.  
I've played some solo acoustic shows. I went and recorded an album in a recording studio, Holt Studio, in Western New York.  That was great, but I still think that the music needs some touch ups, percussion mostly, before I put it out as a CD.  I think the music is very Byrds-ish.
Art school started again. I'm the gallery assistant for the upcoming John Wood retrospective. I've been working on a lot of synthesizer music and short films.  I did some music for a short film my friends from Brooklyn made, called The Last Great American Folk Tale. They used my song Void and one of my synth compositions. Here it is:

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