Monday, July 26, 2010

It has been a while...

Soooo, I haven't used this blog in sooo long. I almost forgot I had it. My band Electric Organic has gone through many changes and has landed on a very talented line-up, all of whom are considered, by them and me, sit-ins. We have played a bunch of shows, and the line up seems to always be shifting in one way or another. So be it. I'm happy to just have some great musicians who are down to play my songs and improvise with me. And they are good at it. Sweet.

I finished art school at Visual Studies Workshop and received my MFA. My final project was a short film titled Ghost Water Train. It was conceived as a meditation on artistic alienation. It turned out to be more of a "love letter" or portrait of the waterways of Western and Central New York. The mighty Genesee River, the Niagara, Lake Ontario, Letchworth, Taughannock were all featured in my audio/ visual Musique Concrete tone pome. It took me a year to make, and it was a labor of love. Check out the motion media link at to view it, fullscreen and 720HD.

As far as shows go, this Summer (2010) I have checked out the bare bones of what I consider essential, as far as big shows go. There was Furtur, Phish, Dub Squad, Jimmy Cliff. Looking forward to Levon Helms and Willie Nelson later this week. As far as club shows go, oh boy, where to begin? I really dug Woven Bones out of Austin, Texas. Heavy lo-fi psych rock at its best. If they keep it up I bet they'll be huge... Or maybe I just have a skewed opinion of what is brilliant. They even crashed at my pad and took me out for tacos in the morning. Cool cats.... Then there was Tortious at the Bug Jar. I couldn't get in because it was wayyy sold out, but I chilled within hearing distance and they sounded amazing.... Then there was Jeff the Brotherhood. I try to check them out every time they are in town, because, hey, they f-in rock my socks off.... That's all I can think of off the cuff for shows right now.

AND last but not least, the beta version of has launched!!! A long time in the making, and whoa, soooo much farther to go, but it is there. Thanks big time to Tracey at VSW summer workshops for teaching me a thing or two about how to get the ball rolling on the site. It is pretty bare-bones design-wise, but I think that the content is what it is about. No big distractions, it just sends you to the entertaining parts (I hope) with a click, and there you are, rocking out to vintage Electric Organic or checking out some of my photography galleries or films. Sweetness to the maxxxx.

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