Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've heard it stated that fish is "brain food." While I'm not sure what that means, exactly, I take it to mean that fish has a certain nutritious consistency that improves brain function.  Today I had some very well prepared salmon tacos at a cook-out, and have been getting things done ever since.  I spent the evening taking care of business and getting projects, slowly, out of the gate.  I'll just say that, simply, I needed proper nutrition to unroll a virtual bombardment of ideas and actions to move forward with my process.

I have started on an outline for my next film project.  I plan on expanding my exploration of my own collage aesthetic, as typified in my film Ghost Water Train.

I have a working title and a swirling current of underlying concepts that I hope to touch upon in the film.  I feel that I have worked out literal delivery with Ghost Water Trains non-linear narrative to the point of abandon, and hope to be able to explore a more implied and sublime impression in this next project.

Some of the overreaching fuel going forward with the new project include items that have been haunting my dreams: GMOs, environmental stewardship, corporate media manipulation, and the individual in society, with concerns of the struggle to honor future generations of humanity, from the immediate family unit, into the reaches of abject being.  Matters of existential religieux must also be explored, as they are an overwhelming factor in my personal psyche as an artist currently.

I am not planning of overtly challenging my previous process of amassing a contemporary archive of my own material and recombining it as I see fit.  An advantage of the current nice Spring weather, leading into Summer, to work on this project is there will be not trying to manage in sub-freezing temperatures as I did with the making of Ghost Water Train.  A disadvantage, or at least challenge to my previous aesthetic of not using many people in my films, will be finding suitable locations in which to shoot.  I will tackle that problem as I see fit, when the opportunity presents itself.

I am looking forward to this film project, and may update on this blog as see fit.

In other works, I have a two-piece drums and bass rhythm section for my rock band.  We have played some shows and recorded a bit.  I feel good about it, going forward.  There are few indulgences I enjoy more than being lead guitarist in my own rock and roll band.  We may not being playing coliseums anytime soon, but we have fun in our little corner of the underground.  That's the way I like it, anyhow.

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